About The BooK


Most people have a misconception about cheating – the onus largely falls on men being the ones responsible for it. As a result, they’re often treated with much more leniency than women who cheat. They tend to face far more dire consequences than their masculine counterparts. However, Sue Jo Horton, also known as, Sujo, is here to show that cheating is wrong, regardless of one’s gender.

Cheating is Disgusting is an autobiographical account of her life. A retired hairdresser, Sue spent most of her formative years seeing her father treat her mother poorly and vowed never to become like her or let men treat her like that. However, while growing up with a cheating father, Sue didn’t realize how his habits, unintentionally, translated into her own and affected her relationships later in life.

Cheating is Disgusting is her story. It gives one a raw look into Sue’s life as she bares it all in this daring account in the hopes that readers can learn from her mistakes and avoid them in their own lives.